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When a city’s major sights are all centred around its river it is completely understandable from local tour operators to launch all sorts of budapest dinner cruises.
How can understand the circumstances of the city? How can see and reach the best places and visit everything if we don't have enought time during our holiday? This shors description of budapest things to do try to read an exampla for those who hesitate because of these problems.

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Find your Budapest River Cruise

Budapest River Cruise

It is however as a foreigner very difficult to decide whether you are purchasing quality or simply being ripped off. So the urging question is:
What are the aspects to consider when choosing a Cruise?

The boat

A crucial point to take into account is the actual boat of your Budapest River Cruise. When a city is all about tourism and culture like the beautiful Budapest the options are almost endless. Big boats, small ones, new models, worn ones. River Danube is packed with eager boats that are ready to take tourists on a few spins. It is very important to know your options and to get a good look at the fleet waiting by the embankment of the river.

The dinner

Similarly to my previous point, when it comes to the actual meal part of your Budapest Dinner Cruise, the available offers are almost limitless. All you can eat or A’ la carte, Hungarian dishes or international meals, with drinks or without and the list goes on. When picking a Budapest Dinner Cruise, it is essential to be aware of the quality and quantity of the upcoming dinner in order to avoid having to run to a fast food place post dinner.
What are included in our packages? 4-course menu and glass of welcome drink,which can be a soft drink or champagne! We changes our menu palette, from 2017 we start to create options for those has allergy for some gradientals, gluten or lactose or they eat only vegetarian dishes.

The entertainment

Entertainment is a very important factor in your Budapest Dinner Cruise. I personally would not want to listen to a whiny woman singing about love whereas some are dying to hear women cry over their lost love. That is exactly why its superb to have the liberty to pick. Generally during a Budapest River Cruise guests are entertained by traditional folk or gypsy like music. There are some exceptions though. Look up Silverline’s Piano & Battle show a unique Budapest Dinner Cruise experience.

The price

Due to the intense competition, Budapest Dinner Cruise rates vary quite a bit. It is important to be aware of what’s included and what’s not. Some Budapest Dinner Cruise suppliers tend to be more generous with the inclusions than others. So do look out for that. Check the reviews and try to avoid getting ripped off. A quality Cruise with entertainment should cost around 50 – 70€ / person.


Overall cruising in Budapest is a wonderful experience and will without a doubt be worth your while. If you do it right and do not let yourself be rushed into the first boat you bump into when arriving to the embankment. Look out for the above mentioned points, browse through reviews and have fun. This is what a Silverline Cruise is for after all.

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All of our city tours has more than 100.000 visitors in every year. Our aim to create a services which is a good entertainment for all of the nationalitites. Our 3 our river tours with dinner not only offer you a great night time but also learn you about a Hungarian Culture, such as food, songs, dance. 2017